The Materials & Craftmanship

Using only locally sourced materials and the sacred Nepalese prayer flags, local Nepali artist, Pravin Chitrakar, has designed and meticulously crafted every single bracelet by hand. Together, we have created a range of 5 uniquely handcrafted bracelets, each in a limited edition of 200.

Material > 100% cotton
Sourced from > Kathmandu, Nepal
Altitude > 4,500 feet

The little pieces of prayer flag encased in each handmade bracelet has been blessed by local Buddhist monks in Kathmandu. The ancient Buddhist prayers, mantras, and powerful symbols displayed on prayer flags is said to produce a spiritual vibration that is activated and carried by the wind. All beings that are touched by the wind, therefore become blessed by the same spiritual powers.

Shamanistic Bonpo priests used plain cloth flags in primary colors for healing ceremonies. Each color corresponded to a different primary element - earth, water, fire, air and space – the fundamental building blocks of both our physical bodies and of our environment.

Material > Himalayan Quartz Crystals
Sourced from > Ganesh Himal, Nepal
Altitude > Approximately 15,000 feet
Himalayan Quartz Crystals are mined by hand in the Himalayan Mountains near the border of Tibet and Nepal at altitudes of up to 15,000 ft.

These Quartz deposits are considered to be the highest and the oldest deposits known on Earth. In this region the locals believe that the crystals are the “Eyes of God“, that the crystals hold the knowledge and wisdom of all past yogis and saints of the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. The intricate conditions of sourcing these crystals make them very unique and rare.

Himalayan Quartz Crystals are a stone of power, amplifying energy and intention; they are said to raise one’s consciousness towards enlightenment, help shield one from negativity and aid in accessing past and future lives and realities. The crystals used on the Dar Cho bracelets are in their raw state and have only been cleansed using warm spring water.

Material > Hemp aka “Himalayan nettle”
Sourced from > Himalayan Hill region of Sivalik, Nepal
Altitude > Between 4,000 to 8,000 feet
Also known as Himalayan Nettle, this hemp plant grows wild in fertile forest soils in altitudes ranging from 4,000 to 8,000 feet and have been used for centuries as a fibre source.

The fibre comes from the stem, and is very long and strong. After cutting the stem, the bark is removed and peeled and the fibre is extracted. It has traditionally been used to create durable rope, fishing nets, clothing, and now bracelets.

 Material > Brass
Sourced from > Kathmandu, Nepal
Altitude > 4,500 feet
Sourced in Kathmandu from local metal workers who are typically known for their manufacturing of traditional buddhist singing bowls and Tibetan horns – the most widely used instrument in Tibetan Buddhist culture.

Visit Yala - the Nepalese studio where the bracelets are handcrafted