The Sarada School Project

Our mission is to provide basic education to the Nepali youth and break the circle of poor education in a country where 40% of the population is illiterate.

Basic education contributes to personal empowerment, growth and self-determination. Subsequently, this can lead to better conditions for solving problems, obtaining political influence or becoming an entrepreneur, that potentially can help communities find a way out of poverty.

With the proceeds from the Dar Cho bracelet, certified non-profit organization, Human Practice Foundation, will build a safe and modern school in the Taplejung District in northeastern Nepal. Located in a beautiful area surrounded by picturesque mountains, this district was also an area that was heavily damaged by the 2015 earthquake.

Sarada Secondary School will consist of 8 classrooms, serving 306 students and will be earthquake resistant, creating a safe environemt for the children and teachers. The build is estimated to take 10 months and will provide temporary jobs for approximately 60 local workers during the construction.

To ensure long-term sustainability of this school, Human Practice Foundation has partnered with Woman and Disabled Children Rise Center, a local organization whose team has vast experience with building schools in Nepal.

As a Dar Cho bracelet owner you become one of 1,000 proud founders of the Sarada Secondary School. As a founder you will be updated throughout the entire process via newsletter, and will be cordially invited to the opening ceremony in Nepal, a joyful event that is celebrated by the local community. During the ceremony there will be speeches, a tour of the school and traditional singing and dancing.