The Team

The Dar Cho Project is created with intention and purpose by Human Practice Foundation, Sunny View & Pravin Chitraker. Meet the team below.

Founder, Human Practice Foundation
In 2013 she started working at Maersk, for whom she travelled all over the world, a dream job for any young lawyer. Slowly Pernille realized that this was not, at all, what she wanted to do with her life. ‘We are only here on Earth for a short time and that time has to be meaningful,’ she says. At the age of 33, Pernille thus took one of the biggest jumps in her life. She quit her job, sold all her belongings and bought a one-way ticket into the horizon. 15 months later she knew what she wanted: She wanted to apply all her abilities and rally all her energy to start a novel and different movement aiming to tackle poverty in the developing countries. This was the beginning of The Human Practice Foundation.

Project Manager, Human Practice Foundation
Lars Rolf Jacobsen is an entrepreneurial start-up specialist with a background in investment banking and a passion for business development. He brings his innovative business thinking to the table when collaborating and is dedicated to finding ways to uplift the livelihood of the rural areas in Nepal by initiating and implementing business impact programs.

Creative Director, Sunny View

Entrepreneur, creative director, digital nomad and passionated world traveller are some of the “titles” that describes Morten best – a 35 year old Dane whose journey took him to Nepal and Everest Base Camp in late 2015. Inspired by his travels, his burning desire to be involved in building a school in an underprivileged country and his abilities within the creative and branding field, Morten joined forces with Human Practice Foundation and the idea for the Dar Cho Bracelet was born.
See film from Morten’s travels in Nepal.


Designer & Owner, Yala Mandala
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